ELLO BLOGGGGG.  As Is le tradition in meg world: I've cancelled le birthday party. I seem to only make it to le pity party when it cumz to my special day. I'm sure its an issue with self loathing, or self destruction, or maybe its a toxic plea for even more attention. But usually I love to throw those kindz of issues in a tumbler with vodka and diet coke, and drink it till i have le best night ever. Turmoil is great rager fuel. But on my birthday I think I tend to just go Cray isolation mode. I'd def be a runaway bride. Or a hide away bride.  This year I told moi-self that I'm getting too old to not celebrate moi-self. But after kicking off le month of May with an exhausting week of moving and socializing like my life depended on it (I hit le Marc Jacobs party, le avenue A dives, a private dinner at Christies, le Chelsea hotel, a rando recording studio, and obv flung moi-self down canal street to dimes square barz).... I HIT A MEGA WALL. A MEG WALL. typical. I convinc


LE CLUB RAT  x  TRAVIS BICKLE  a  le  TAXI DRIVER  aka  LE ALTERNATIVE  LIFESTYLE LIFESTYLE DILEMA.  spitting e pillz out my mouth, trying to live normal, disco n apz,  le "taxi driver" style bender.  ... SUPPY READERZZZZ!!!!!!!!! ARE U TALKING TO MOI??? le last time i blogged i  blabbed  about my grand ol plan to get life together post nyfw disaster/mania issuez.  OBVI i haven't completely pulled that off in le last month... buuuuut itz about le process peepz !!! thiz blogz basically just moi trudging thru my shit lifestyle,,, le alternative lifestyle lifestyle.....  Here'z le he alth  update:  - have been drinking diet coke straight from le massive 2liter bottles on le reg. at least once a day.  - absolutely convinced my apartment is killing moi/ poisoning moi via lead paint or mold (sick 247/ hacking cough). - ive gotten better about not being a complete shut in but it seemz that when i feel fragile and go out too much... drama happens and all le drug addicts, part